The Big Nate Effect

18 May

BigNateBannerThis is something that has been going on for at least the past two years and it’s a phenomenon that my children’s librarian and I can’t figure out. We have at least two copies of every single Big Nate  book written by Lincoln Peirce. And there aren’t only a couple books in this series… there are over 20 books! And on any give day in our library you won’t be able to find a single copy of the series on the shelf. With summer coming, we’re talking about how many more copies we need to order.  Usually during the school year, the library isn’t quite as busy for elementary school age kids, but the summer brings them in droves and without any copies on the shelf now, we’re going to have a bunch of disappointed kids.

We can place holds and borrow copies from other libraries in our consortium, but it can take up to a week to get to our library and for kids that’s an eternity! So, we’re most likely going to by a few more copies to try and offer a booklist for Big Nate Read Alikes for when there is nothing on the shelf.

What books are never on your shelves? (Or do your kids read over and over again?)


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