Expert In the Field – ?!?!

2 Feb

I had the coolest experience yesterday, I got the chance to Skype with a graduate leadership class about my leadership experience! Now, if you follow my blog, you know that I’ve been in my current position for a grand total of five months, so although my experience is limited that’s exactly what the class was talking about – how to walk into a leadership position with little to no experience and what to do in the first 90 days.

Now, I’ll caveat this post with the fact that the class is taught by my dad. He’s a professor at a state-system university and asked me to talk with his class this week. I spent some time talking about how I go to where I was, the interview process for my current position and what my experience has been as a director thus far. I’m hoping that I didn’t bore the 25 students too much as I geeked out about my love for my career and I’m hoping they were able to take something from my presentation that will help them in their own work.

The students asked some really great questions at the end of my lecture and after talking with my dad later in the evening, he was happy with how much of what I talked about is exactly what the class has been talking about during this chapter in the text. Overall, it was a completely different experience from anything I’ve done in the past and I really enjoyed it! Am I an expert in the field? Absolutely not, but I’m learning more every day and having fun doing it.


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