Reading Challenges – What’s Your Reading Resolution?

6 Jan

There are a number of ways to plan your reading for 2017. Some people just pick up what they want, when they want without a care in the world.  Others including bloggers, teachers and librarians feel the need to not only keep up with new titles, but to also fill in any reading gaps by reading material they wouldn’t normally pick out on their own.

A lot of people use reading challenges to complement their reading plan in order to read widely and read diversely. But what reading challenge should you do? The first option is to read a certain number of books.  Fairly simple, just keep track of how many titles you read throughout the year. A second option is to use a pre-made list to read more widely.

Check out Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge 2017 for a list of 24 tasks including things like “read a book by an immigrant or with a central immigration narrative” or “read a superhero comic with a female lead.” This is the list I think I’m going to use for the year, not that I don’t have a billion books on my TBR, but I want to try and challenge myself a little differently this year. Popsugar’s got another great list if you want to take a look – 40 prompts, plus 12 additional prompts for advanced readers! Better World Books has their own version and you’ll recognize similar prompts across each of these challenges – just choose the one that fits your lifestyle and reading needs.

The last option is to participate in online reading challenges that occur for a weekend or a whole week with a goal of reading as much as possible during that time.  I’ve participated in these types of challenges in the past and although it can suck up a lot of time, sometimes that’s exactly what I need – quality hours of reading.  Check out Bout of Books for a reading challenge like this!

There are dozens and dozens of reading challenges out there – what are your reading goals for 2017?


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