Read for the Record

27 Oct

rftr2016_headerToday is Read for the Record Day, a national campaign created by Jumpstart as the world’s largest shared reading experience to promote reading to preK children and to highlight how many children are not prepared for Kindergarten when they reach  their first year of school. Last year  2.2 million children and adults from around the world shared Not Norman: A Goldfish Story written by Kelly Bennett and illustrated by Noah Z. Jones

21965059This year’s choice – The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach about a bear’s wonderful adventures, a missing sandwich and a fun twist you won’t be expecting.  Both of our storytimes today will be reading for the record and we’ll be recording our attendance on the Read for the Record Day website!  You can to, just stop by the website and register to read!  Then, take a few minutes today to snuggle with your little ones and read The Bear Ate Your Sandwich or check it out at Brightly where they created a brand-new aspect of their site – Brightly Storytime, just in time for Read for the Record! This is perfect for families who don’t have a copy of this book in their home library and it’s a great chance to share technology together as a family.  Plus, Brightly has a TON of great information about books, reading and families, so take a few minutes to see what’s new!


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