25 Titles to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month – Picture Books

24 Sep


Finally getting back on track, up early today to work on this awesome list and then headed to the Princeton Children’s Literature Festival for the day… can’t wait! A side note, many of these titles focus on Mexican or Mexican American characters and although there are some on the list from other Hispanic countries, those titles are more difficult to come across.

  1. Gathering the Sun: An Alphabet in Spanish and English by Alma Flor Ada
  2. Chato’s Kitchen by Gary Soto
  3. Doña Flor by Pat Mora
  4. What Can You Do with a Paleta? by Carmen Tafolla
  5. Bebé Goes Shopping by Susan Middleton Elya
  6. Round is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes by Roseanne Thong
  7. Papá and Me by Arthur Dorros
  8. What Can You Do with a Rebozo? by Carmen Tafolla
  9. Maria Had a Little Llama by Angela Dominguez
  10. Niño Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales
  11. Family Pictures by Carmen Lomas Garza
  12. Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote by Duncan Tonatiuh
  13. Tomás and the Library Card by Pat Mora
  14. Abuela by Arthur Dorros
  15. Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto
  16. Martina the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale by Carmen Agra Deedy
  17. The Rainbow Tulip by Pat Mora
  18. Los Gatos Black on Halloween by Marisa Montes
  19. I Love Saturdays y Domingos by Alma Flor Ada
  20. The Princess and the Warrior by Duncan Tonatiuh
  21. Mango, Abuela and Me by Meg Medina
  22. Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match by Monica Brown
  23. Green is a Chile Pepper: a Book of Colors by Roseanne Thong
  24. My Diary from Here to There by Amada Irma Pérez
  25. The Cazuela the Farm Maiden Stirred by Rafael López

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