Summer Tournament of Books

21 Jun

Our summer book bracket involved a lot of planning, math, tape, and was, in all honesty, a little bit of a headache.  But, we finally created something that looks pretty awesome and the kids are excited to vote for some of their favorite books.  The Brown Bag Teacher blog helped a lot in just trying to figure out the logistics of creating something this large!

Our book bracket is a little intense, because it involves a lot of different formats and genres of books.  We included picture books, fantasy/science fiction, graphic novels, biographies, fiction, easy readers, series and nonfiction.  Each category has 4 books, which was really hard to narrow down, but we couldn’t create a 64-book tournament in our space.  I wanted kids of all ages to be able to participate and vote for books that interest them.  I’ve seen a lot of these book tournaments, usually done in schools, so I’m hoping the momentum will stay up during the summer and kids will continue to vote for their favorites.

The bracket will be voted on for two weeks for the first and second rounds (more books to vote for) and each subsequent round will be a week long, allowing kids to vote when then come in.  Our winner will be also announced at our final summer reading program – Library Olympics.

If you want to check out our book bracket, here’s a .pdf file!


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