Book Review: The Nameless City

13 May

25332000You may have heard me say before that graphic novels are not my favorite format to read.  I read very quickly and it’s almost as if the images get in the way of the text.  But, I appreciate graphic novels and although I may not be drawn to them, many of the kids I see in the library are drawn to them and devour them.

I read The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks and have to say that I am super excited to read the follow-up (which hasn’t been published yet).  The Nameless City is about a city that is vital geographic region where the river meets the sea.  Three large invading armies are constnatly taking over the city, while the natives try and live a peaceful life surrounded by continual chaos.

Kaidu, a Dao (the most recent of invaders) lived with his mother for his whole life and is now traveling to meet his father in the city and become a soldier in the army.  Rat, is a native who hates the Dao and what they stand for and because of this hates Kaidu.  But, as Kaidu and Rat begin spending more and more time together, Rat realizes that Kaidu is not what she expected and it’s up the the two of them to save the city.

The story is fast past and exciting with Kaidu sneaking out behind the guards, Rat racing the rooftops of the city, and an assassin plot that could ruin everything, I could barely put this book down.  But what I enjoyed even more was the discussion of conquering and being conquered and what it means to open up your heart for a friend.  I’m excited to see what happens next to Kaidu and Rat and The Nameless City.

Twitter Booktalk (14o characters or less): The Nameless City by @FaithErinHicks is the story of an unlikely friendship, can’t-stop adventure and a curious mystery #kidlit #graphicnovel

Title: The Nameless City
Author: Faith Erin Hicks
Publisher: First Second
Publication Date: 2016
Page Number: 232 pgs.


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