Take Action Tuesday (one week late!)

29 Mar

everydayWeek of Tuesday, March 22

Submit the Share Your Advocacy Story webform.

Every day you’re out there advocating in big ways and small for the importance of library service to children.

Now it’s time to share your triumphs with other Everyday Advocates and inspire them to do the same!

This week, submit the Share Your Advocacy Story webform and give us a specific example of where and how you’ve found success—and with whom.

Brevity is A-OK. Even a few brief sentences or paragraphs can let us know how awesome you’ve been.

We’d love to publish your story in an upcoming issue of the Everyday Advocacy Matters e-newsletter, so we’ll be sure to follow-up with you.

Sharing your advocacy story with colleagues and stakeholders is Everyday Advocacy in action!


My advocacy story is short, sweet and to the point.  I walk my dog all over the neighborhood, so it stands to reason that people begin to recognize me.  One day, we walked past a mom and her baby and the baby was so excited to see a “woof woof.”  So we stopped to talk for a few minutes and I mentioned the library and that we have a storytime for infants.  Fast forward a few weeks and I see the mom and daughter come in regularly for storytime, they’ve met other families, and learned about childcares and preK options in the community.  All that from a quick mention of the library while walking the dog!



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