Everyday Advocacy – Week of Tuesday, March 15 (a week late)

23 Mar

everydayI missed last week’s Everyday Advocacy Challenge, but I don’t want to skip it completely so here it is… one week and one day late!

Champion the importance of school libraries and school librarians.

I loved my school library growing up, they were the ones that kept me in books when I couldn’t get to the public library as often as I wanted.  I must have spent countless hours in the elementary school library – any time I finished an assignment early, I’d run down to the library to pick up a new book.

Now, more and more school children will never get the chance to experience a school library setting because so many schools are withholding school librarians and school libraries from their lives in order to save a little money.  Unfortunately, many of these administrators and board members may not realize that there have been a number of studies done that show how students who have access to a school library and a certified school librarian will achieve higher scores on testing.  School libraries are also amazing places for access to books, especially for those kids who don’t step foot in a public library and/or don’t have access to many books at home.  How else will these kids find books they love and become lifelong readers?

It can be difficult for us as public librarians to get into the schools in my district, but teachers know that they can request multiple copies of books, or a number of books about a particular theme and have them delivered to them at school for free!  We also work closely with the school district to truly encourage summer reading to prevent the summer slide and do our part to help kids achieve.

I believe school libraries and librarians are essential to a child’s growth and development and support them 100%!


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