Everyday Advocacy – Week of Tuesday, March 8

8 Mar

Take Action Tuesday

Introduce Everyday Advocacy to a colleague.

Everyday Advocacy isn’t just a one-person show!

This week, introduce Everyday Advocacy to a colleague who’s unfamiliar with the initiative.


Rather than introduce Everyday Advocacy to just one person, I’d love to introduce it to all my readers!  Everyday Advocacy is a grassroots effort to advocate for the amazing things libraries are already doing.  And the website has some really, really simple ways to begin advocating for your library, your job and the profession at large!

If you’re looking for new ways to encourage advocacy in your library, you definitely want to check out the Everyday Advocacy website. The website is FILLED with get inspired, speak out and engage in your community.

There is also a Take Action Tuesday blog filled with information about advocacy and what other libraries are doing to promote themselves and their services.  It’s also really nice because they post just once a week, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to keep up with the posts!

And if you really want to get involved try out the Everyday Advocacy Challenges to really jump start your advocacy!

Now get out there and advocate for libraries!



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