Library Nightmares

28 Feb

I woke up this morning from a terrifying nightmare about storytime. I’ve had a few dreams about the library, but none that have been as scary as this one!  In my dream I was working at my desk when all of these families come into the library ready for storytime and so I turn around to grab my storytime material off the bookshelf behind my desk only to realize that there is nothing there and I don’t have anything planned.  Like any qualified librarian, I start thinking about the books that I know well and can use to create a storytime last minute.

If that isn’t enough, my storytime apparently has some special guests – police officers who were very clearly judging my lack of preparedness for storytime.  I ran out of the storytime room to go grab a few books and my dream library is nothing like the library I know and I can’t find a single book that would work well for my storytime.

Needless to say, I woke up this morning stressed that I have a storytime happening tomorrow (even though I know it’s not true)…

Have you ever dreamed/nightmared about work?  Not the best way to wake up on a beautiful Sunday morning!


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