What I Do for My Library!

20 Jan

On any given day, you could see me dressed like a princess, dragging bags of books out to my car for outreach programs, covered in glitter, or filming a segment for our government access channel, that’s right FILMING!

I kept joking – you can put in  a room of 25 toddlers and I can rock that situation all day long, but you put a camera in front of me and I forget how to talk (or at least that’s how I feel).

We were asked to be a part of this segment to educate the public on what we do in the library and after a lot of back and forth talk about how best to structure the segment, we were given (as the Children’s Department) three-8 minute segments and we were allowed to come up with the questions and topics for each segment.  Thankfully, the filming was this afternoon and I can now say that I’m done with that project.  It was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I knew it was important to reach people and educate them about what the library does and how we’ve changed over the past few years.

I definitely won’t be watching the program when it airs, which to me, is even worse than doing the filming in the first place!  But, I’m hoping we’ll be able to reach people and show them how much we offer in terms of programming and resources.  If you have a government access channel, radio station, or even a newspaper interview would do the trick of highlighting what the library has to offer.  So many people are unaware of eBooks, programming, online resources and everything else libraries have to offer and its a great way to promote how the library has evolved!  That being said, give me my princess dress any day!



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