Library Leadership

6 Jan

I saw this article on Library Lost & Found as I was scanning my Feedly checking to see what others are talking about on the (many) blogs I follow and it caught my eye!  The title – 9 Ways to Become an Even Awesomer Library Leader in 2016 by Megan Hartline.  I love looking at articles and lists like this to see what I’m doing “right” and what I can improve on.

Currently, I’m not in a management role in my library, but I do take on a lot of projects and am looking at library management in the future.  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t be a leader, even though I’m not a manager.

I don’t want to take away from Megan’s article, so I won’t list the 9 ways, but it’s exciting to see things like “give back to the professional” by working on a committee or volunteering for your state association, present at a conference, and keep up with the profession.  These are all things I’m currently doing – volunteering for a few committees right now, I just recently presented at a conference and am thinking about doing it again this year, and I follow blogs, Twitter chats, Facebook groups and read a lot to keep up with what’s happening in the library world.

But there are also a couple of things on the list that I haven’t done – like being a mentor for someone else.  I’ve worked with a lot of librarians and although we never specifically called our relationship a mentor-mentee relationship, I definitely look up to them.  But, maybe being a mentor for someone else could be something I look into in the next year or so.  I’m also learning right now, that it’s okay to say “no.”  I’m currently doing a lot of volunteer work, so I want to finish a few commitments before I start saying yes to anything else.  The other idea I’m kind of looking into is a staff training day, now mine is more like a staff training hour to teach staff how an what to post to our social media accounts, but I think it’s definitely a step forward.  One of my other professional goals this year is to create a curriculum for staff on common technology that is used in the library – online resources, basic computer help for patrons, etc. So, that’s an exciting and somewhat daunting project for the new year.  What ways are you going to become an even awesomer library leader this year?


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