Resource Sharing: Let’s Get Busy Podcast

10 Dec

wonderI’m convinced that there are certain people in the kid lit world that have either learned how to stop time… or they just don’t sleep!  I’m talking about people like Mr. Schu, Colby Sharp, the Joint Chiefs over at Storytime Underground and I’m officially adding to the list Matthew Winner.

I know for a fact that all of these people have jobs, families, and lives outside of the kid lit world, but the things they bring are extensive and amazing!  If you’re not familiar with Matthew Winner – he’s the genius behind the Let’s Get Busy podcast, The Best Book Ever [This Week] podcast, and one of team members for the new website All the Wonders.  I am convinced he’s got at least 8 more hours in every day!  I just started listening to his podcasts and they’re both amazing!

The Let’s Get Busy podcast is in a conversation format between Matthew and authors, illustrators and just about any other type of book lover you can imagine.  I love hearing about books by their creators – learning more about their process, inspiration, and feelings about the kid lit world in general.  And you only need to hear one of the over 200 episodes available to hear Matthew’s passion for what he does in the podcast.

The Best Book Ever [This Week] is a quick five book review – focused around picture books and Matthew takes just a few minutes to talk about the story and add his opinion about the book.

One of my favorite parts of my job is the amount of passion people have for this line of work.  I would assume that most of us aren’t in it for the glamorous paycheck of the amazing hours (working nights, weekends, and everything in between) and yet I can’t imagine that people are as excited as we are as a community.  And it’s not just the librarians, but I think almost every author and illustrator that I’ve heard on Let’s Get Busy are so passionate not just about their work, but about getting their books into the hands of kids because it can make a difference.  And that’s what I love about my job.


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