AAP Book Buzz

7 Dec

I spent my day off at the AAP Book Buzz at the Free Library in Philadelphia.  I was talking with my mom over the weekend an explained that publishers get the chance to highlight upcoming titles for the next season.  And she asked, “Isn’t that boring?” At the same time I said, “I had so much fun!”  Apparently, spending half my day off at a meeting didn’t sound all that exciting to my mom, but I could have spent all day listening to publishers talk about new books.  My To Be Read (TBR) pile just grew leaps and bounds and I tried to find as many as possible through Netgalley, plus everyone in attendance was given a few ARCs as well.

I also just finished the reading part of the CYBILS award which leaves me more time to read anything that I’ve missed over the past couple of months when I was inundated with nonfiction titles.  Plus, the “Top Ten” lists are starting to appear all over the Internet which means I get the chance to catch up on any books that I may have missed over the year.  I had just fallen asleep the other night when my boyfriend yelled up the stairs, “The New York Times Top Ten Books of 2015 list is out!”  At which point, I had to tell him that this is not uncommon at this time of year and I would check it in the morning.  Mr. Schu at Mr. Schu Reads is compiling a list of all the top ten lists, making my life so much easier!  Thanks Mr. Schu!


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