Why I Attend Conferences

6 Oct

I love to learn. That’s the simple answer, I love learning about what other librarians are doing in programming, about new books, and new library trends. The deeper answer is that I enjoy being around people that have the same passion I do. Librarians, and I think, specifically children’s librarians really enjoy their work. They have a passion for children, children’s literature and helping children grow up. I was at dinner with a bunch of librarians tonight and it’s refreshing not having to explain what I do, how much I love it and how great the families are this I serve. Ythe people at dinner just got it and it wa s such a fun time.

So that’s why I attend conferences,to learn and network. And I think in other fields, networking sometimes carries the connotation that it’s all about making connections to benefit yourself whereas in my field, networking is being around people who share my passion for what we do.


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