Sunday Storytime Challenge #1

17 Sep


I love sensory-based activities and I try to offer different types of activities for the little ones in our library, so that everyone can get a chance to try something new and different!  I think my favorite so far has been the stained glass windows we did in our Petite Picasso program in January.  This is deceptively easy and both parents/caregivers and the kids really enjoyed the process!

I’m not going to take credit for creating this fantastic idea and if you search online you’ll see plenty of websites and blogs that have done this before.  Here’s one example PBS Parents, although I made my station much more exploratory and less about the actual craft.

All you need is contact paper, some masking tape, and tissue paper cut into small pieces (I just cut mine up using the paper cutter into small squares/rectangles.  I taped large rectangles of contact paper (sticky side facing me) onto windows in our programming room.  And then left a pile of tissue paper squares on the floor right in front of the window.  We’re lucky enough to have windows at toddler height making this a super accessible program.

The kids can stick the tissue paper to the contact paper, one piece at a time, a handful at a time, or even crunch up the tissue paper into little balls and stick that to the contact paper.  Anyway they do it, should work pretty well!  The kids had a really great time creating their artwork and because it was a sunny day it was really cool to see the sun shine through the tissue paper.

Overall, this was an inexpensive and super easy art/sensory program for little ones!


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