Library Card Signup Month

10 Sep

PEANUTS_WEB_PSA_851x315September is Library Card Signup Month and the Honorary Chair this year is none other than everyone’s favorite beagle, Snoopy!  And if you’re looking for help promoting, check out ALA’s press kit filled with press releases, art work, statistics and more!  What’s great is that ALA has created a library use calculator that patrons can use to see the value of the library for themselves.  I like using this tool because many people don’t understand the value of the library in today’s world.  I had a few friends looking for a mini-series and mentioned that they couldn’t find it anywhere, not on Amazon, Netflix, Redbox, etc.  I suggested their local library and even checked the catalog for them, and lo and behold the library carried the mini-series they were looking for.  My boyfriend’s mom has been spending more time working out at the gym and I suggested that she check out a Playaway to make her workout more enjoyable.  And she’s loving it!  The library is so much more than a warehouse of books and the more we educate the community about what we offer, the more people will see our value!


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