Back to School Book Display

21 Aug

IMG_2203School will begin before we know it!  Our summer reading program won’t officially end until August 28th, but school starts early (for us!) this year on August 31st, so we needed to get this display up as quickly as possible!  And to help our patrons and reference staff, I’ve created an absolutely adorable book display for starting back to school.  Thankfully, I have an amazing co-worker who is a legit artist who was willing to make a Pete the Cat for me, but I actually created the bus and am pretty proud of the results.  Most of the books on display are for young children going to preschool or kindergarten, but I did find a few for elementary school and middle school kids about study skills and report writing.  It’s so much easier to direct patrons to an extensive display about a topic that searching throughout the library for books that the catalog says are in and can’t be found on the shelf.
This display is one of our most popular of the year because so many people are looking for books about the first day of school.  What does your fall book display look like?IMG_2205IMG_2204


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