Superhero Academy

13 Aug

IMG_2172Last night was our last BIG program of the summer. Don’t get me wrong, the kids can records books and hours until the 28th and we still have a number of programs happening until then, but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Our Superhero Academy was very well attended and the kids absolutely LOVED it!  We had so many lovely comments from families that have been using the library all summer.  They were so thankful for all that we’ve done, which is really nice to hear!  So here’s what was happening last night:

  • Create Your Own Superhero Persona
    • The kids could choose adjectives from a bucket (95 different words!), plus make their own superhero mask (from the SRP manual), and a cape.  The capes were cut out of plastic tablecloths (4 capes to a tablecloth).
  • Face Paint & Hair Chalk
    • We had a patron who was kind enough to offer her services as a face painter and it was definitely a hit!  We also offered temporary tattoos and hair chalk (soft pastels and a spray water bottle).
  • Obstacle Course
    • A few of the kids spent most of the night running the obstacle course.  It ws super simple to make too!  Weave through cones, throw Thor’s hammer, crawl through a kid’s play tunnel, jump over some buildings, and zig-zag through some hula hoops.
  • X-Ray Vision
    • The kids could reach into ten different brown paper bags to figure out what was inside – cooked spaghetti, frozen grapes, paper clips, ping pong balls and more!
  • IMG_2174Photo Booth
    • We had two photo booths available – one where the kids lie on the floor and it looks like their flying (found on Pinterest) and the second was a black picture frame with a white background with red polka dots to create a vintage comic strip feel and the kids could use props for their photo.
  • Cosplayers
    • A local comic bookstore was kind enough to partner with us to provide a few cosplayers for the kids to interact with!  The kids absolutely loved it!
  • Edible Book Contest
    • Families submitted their Edible Book Creations until 3:00pm when we gave out the superlatives and voted ono ur favorites.  We announced the results at the Superhero Academy and then everyone got the chance to taste the creations.  We make sure to ask for an entire list of ingredients and I would assume that most people who have food allergies would steer clear of these types of things.

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