Toddler Storytime – Tap the Magic Tree (Earth Day)

21 Apr

We’re in a spring mood here (finally!)  It’s been raining a lot, the trees are flowering, leaves are beginning to show and I’m ready for the nice weather of spring!  My first group of kids were really into Tap the Magic Tree, but other than that were very fidgety and excited and talkative.  I think we’ve all got spring fever, but they did really well with the songs and were really into the wiggles song this week and I even got a request to sing it twice!  In my second storytime this morning, I had a pretty small group, but again they absolutely loved Tap the Magic Tree.  They also loved our shaker egg song this week – “Choo-Choo Train.”  We definitely had a great time and I hope I encouraged families to take a walk around their neighborhood to check out the spring flowers, trees, and animals!17383992

Opening: “Put Your Hands Up In the Air”

Puppet Meet & Greet: Meet Woolly (monkey puppet)

ASL Sign: Tree (rest your right elbow on your left hand and raise your arm up high, twist hand back and forth)

Early Literacy Tip: Nature is a great teacher!  Get outside and learn all about science on a nature walk around your neighborhood or plant a small garden with your child and watch it grow!

Book 1: Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson

Song: “Five Little Monkeys” by Hap Palmer ~ So Big

Book 2: The Napping House by Audrey Wood (big book)

Song: “Choo-Choo Train” by Ralph’s World ~ Ralph’s World (with shaker eggs)

Wiggles: A Ram Sam Sam

A ram sam sam, a ram sam sam
Guli, guli, guli, guli, a ram sam sam
A-ra-vi!  A-ra-vi!
Guli, guli, guli, guli, guli a ram sam sam

Book 3:  Big Fat Hen Illustrated by Keith Baker

Closing: “Shake My Sillies Out” Puppet Show


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