Spread the Word to End the Word

4 Mar

2015-Logo-DatedI was so happy to actually think about my week of blogging before I actually did it!  Today is Spread the Word Day.  The slogan is “Spread the Word to End the Word” – the word we’re trying to end you might ask?  “Retarded.”

Although  the word used to be used in the medical field to describe people with intellectual disabilities, over the years it became a derogatory word used to be hurtful or used as a place filler – “That’s so retarded.”  Now, there’s a campaign supported by Special Olympics to end the use of this offensive word and to educate the mainstream community to use people first language, as in “a person with an intellectual disability.”  The person is not defined by their disability, rather people-first language shows you respect the person you’re talking about.

So, during my week of diversity-focused blogging, please remember that diversity doesn’t always mean culture, skin color, and religion.  Disabilities are diverse as well and we need to teach the people around us to be respectful, to everyone.


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