“Why Digital Natives Prefer Reading in Print”

27 Feb

You may have already seen this article written by a journalist from The Washington Post, but I feel inclined to share it!  Surveys show that millennials have a tendency to prefer reading in print for pleasure and learning rather than using an electronic device.  Surprising as many of us have lived in a digital world for most (or all) of our lives.

I am one of the many who strongly prefer print – I’d rather read actual books and find myself printing articles out to read for learning – I just learn better and enjoy it more.  A study done by Baron earlier this year showed that people have a tendency to skim while reading on a screen, while reading print takes longer, but more is taken away from it as well.

This is a really interesting conversation because, I know in our school district, high school students receive a laptop for work and middle school students receive iPads – there are few, if any, printed textbooks available for students.  I am curious to see what becomes of studies like this and if publishers will find ways to provide both options without costing an arm and a leg.

What do you think?  Do you prefer print or digital?


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