DINO-Mite Party!

26 Feb

51IxbQwNyrLLast night we held a very successful dinosaur party for Kindergarten through 2nd grade students who were very excited to share their dinosaur knowledge with myself and each other.  We started our program with a dinosaur craft with penne pasta creating fossils.  The kids did really well and although I don’t normally start right off with a craft, I thought we needed to give our fossils time to dry before taking them home.

After working on our fossils, I gave the kids time to share their own knowledge about dinosaurs with the group.  Each child was given the chance to say one fact and I wrote them on a large piece of easel paper.  The kids were really excited to share their knowledge and were jumping up and down to share their facts.  The kids did really well giving me a lot of great information and as they gave ne a fact, I tried to expand on the information as they gave it to me.  For example, one child told me that some dinosaurs ate other dinosaurs to which I replied, “Yes they did, and they are called carnivores.”

After we shared our dinosaur information, I tested their knowledge with dinosaur trivia I found from the Discovery Kids website.  These questions were a little too difficult for the kids as I had a lot more younger kids than older kids, but they loved guessing the answers and I hope they learned a little too!

We ended up being so busy with our dino facts, that I completely forgot to read the book for the night – Tyson the Terrible by Diane Fox.  Overall, the kids had a great time and it’s definitely a program that is very popular for this age group!


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