Library Website Design & Management

20 Feb

First of all, if someone has this all figured out, please let me know!  A number of years ago our library website was integrated into the township website as we began using a new server/company.  As the library, we have complete control over how/what we design and is added to our pages, but there is so much content we have trouble making it (a) easily accessible and (b) organized and neat.  The township has control over the top header and horizontal menu and we have little ability to change certain aspects of our left-hand menu leaving us with very little real estate and a whole lot of information!

Just a few weeks ago a new website committee was formed for the township offices to take a closer look at the website as a whole and to see what we can do to make it cleaner, neater and easier for our township residents.  It’s a long process – updating information, organizing, reorganizing, re-wording, organizing some more – it’s crazy!  So, again, I’m taking a close look at the library’s website to see what we can rearrange, clean up, update, and make accessible to staff and patrons.

Right now, I  must say, that our children’s department pages (which I primarily update) are looking fairly good!  Most everything has been updated, I like the way we have things organized and what I really want to work on next is adding some flair – clip art, images, something to make it a little more exciting.  There’s only one major problem – I have no idea what to do about storytimes and programs…  We currently have a huge page that lists the different story times and then subsequent pages with more information as well as individual pages for some of our more special programs, but nothing is said about our programs offered throughout the month, except to say “check the calendar.”  Herein lies the issues.

  • Do we just provide a direct link to our online calendar with up-to-date information?
  • Do we provide more extensive information about our ongoing (or special) programs?
  • How do we organize all of this information without creating a multi-nested menu?

So as these questions roll around in my brain today, I’m off to go get some input from my coworkers, but maybe you have some ideas too?  Let me know!


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