Branding, Marketing, and More!

21 Jan

As a profession, we are tasked with the seemingly impossible task of keeping up-to-date with technology and remaining relevant in an increasingly screen-focused society.  I love technology, when it works!  But, keeping the library website, Facebook page, Twitter account up-to-date can be exhausting, not to mention the program/collection marketing we do in-house as well (as in print marketing).

I’m currently taking a closer look at how we, as a library, can be successful in sharing with the community what the library has to offer.  How to reach out to people who are currently not regular library users – to grab their attention and also to create strong marketing pieces that are easily identifiable throughout the community as library materials.

I’ve borrowed some “light” reading to learn more about marketing, as I don’t have a marketing background:

  • Blueprint for Your Library Marketing Plan: A Guide to Help You Survive and Thrive by Patricia H. Fisher & Marseille M. Pride
  • The Accidental Library Marketer by Kathy Dempsey
  • Marketing Your Library: Tips and Tools That Work Edited by Carol Smallwood, Vera Gubnitskaia, & Kerol Harrod
  • The Non-Designer’s Design Book: Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice by Robin Williams

I’m hoping that what comes out of this research is a way for the library as a whole to provide more effective marketing materials to reach the audiences we’re looking for.  Hopefully, by creating some design templates and rules to follow so that all our marketing materials across departments have a similar look and feel even when multiple people are creating them.

If anyone has some great articles, books, or even flyers your library has created that are particularly great resources, please point me to them!


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