Focused Collections & Weeding

12 Jan

A co-worker and I are slowly working through some weeding projects in the library.  Our first project of the new year consists of a collection that our library titled “Bridging Collection.”  As in, bridging from easy readers to chapter books or picture books for elementary-age students.  Mainly focused on picture books with a more mature content.  But, it has also become somewhat of a place for things that we aren’t sure what else to do with – a few Level 4 easy readers, easy chapter books with a younger focus (ex. the Pinky & Rex series by James Howe) and somehow a few informational texts for good measure.  It feels reminiscent of the 12 Days of Christmas minus the partridge in a pear tree.

Our first step consisted of manually pulling all materials that looked remotely like a chapter book – they’re all moving to the juvenile fiction section where they rightly belong.  We also pulled some of those other books as well moving them to the easy reader, nonfiction, or picture book collection as necessary.  I’m happy to report we’ve just about finished changing the spine labels on all of these books to reflect their new locations.  They’ve been updated in the computer and now (fingers crossed) there will be enough room for them in their new homes.

Our next step, in this ~2,000 book collection, involves heavy weeding of material that hasn’t circulated for years.  I’m hoping that by doing this we can remove a number of the older titles, replace them with new copies if necessary and brighten up the entire collection.

The final step – a possible name change to market the collection and educate our patrons about the quality book in this collection.  A great resources in the Facebook page for Storytime Underground – I posted this very question about name change to see how other libraries go about a collection like this and in a number of hours received some great responses with some interesting insights and name ideas.  We haven’t decided exactly what to call this collection, but it sure will look nice when we’re done weeding it!  If you have any ideas, please comment, I’d love to hear them!


2 Responses to “Focused Collections & Weeding”

  1. beckyginther January 13, 2015 at 11:25 am #

    This name thing is a stumper. I think my favorite is Advanced Picture Books in terms of accurate description and patrons understanding what the collection actually is, but it might turn off kids that don’t want to still be reading picture books. Otherwise I think I’m favoring “Skinny Fiction” or something with historical fiction if we find most of the books will fit that category.

    • literacious January 13, 2015 at 2:19 pm #

      I think I’m leaning that way too… I was trying to figure out another way to say “Skinny Fiction,” maybe “Fast Fiction?” I’m fond of alliterations 🙂

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