Not Only Storytime, Early Literacy Training

18 Dec

Today, I’m spending the day at a training to become an instructor to provide training for early childhood providers as well as parents. We’re focusing on the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards for Infants – Kindergartens as well as the Pennsylvania Core Knowledge Competencies for Early Childhood & School-Age Professionals. These are all somewhat intimidating, but all things we, as children’s librarians, are already doing, this just gives us a framework for what we do in storytime, other programs and in our library world and shows our importance.

Once we are trained in this PQAS training, we will be able to offer training for early childhood teachers who need a required number of training hours to continue working. This is a great way to provide early childhood educators with valuable information about early literacy skills, the importance of diversity in children’s literature, and book knowledge can transfer to play in a child’s life.

This training is more extensive than usual with, a need for references, resumes, educational transcripts, and 25 hours of experience. The training is covering child standards as well as standards for teachers, overviewing how to write objectives and how to get our training materials approved before we can begin our training classes.


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