Holiday Early Literacy Extras

16 Dec

The holidays are just about here and although there has been a lot of talk as to whether or not holiday programming has a place in the public library, I’ve thought of some great ways to encourage early literacy at home during the holidays, yes it’s Christmas focused, but that is because I celebrate Christmas, but many of these ideas can be adapted for other holidays or for every day use.  The holiday season is my favorite time of the year from Thanksgiving to New Year’s – I love finding the perfect gift for someone, helping out a neighbor, spending time with friends and family, the sights, sounds, smells of Christmas, all mean so much to me.  Try out these fun activities at home with your little ones!

1.) PLAY – Create in the Kitchen

With three siblings at home growing up, my mom’s way to spend special time with each of us was to bake our own special Christmas cookies.  We got to pick what to create and we spent time in the kitchen just us and mom, it’s something I remember to this day.  It’s never too early to start letting kids experiment and help create in the kitchen, even little ones can help stir or measure simple ingredients.  If your child is even smaller – pull out the pots and pans and create a rock band!

2.) WRITE – He’s making a list…

Let your little one create their own Christmas list – allow them to draw and “write” down what they would most like from Santa!  Another great way to practice writing is to allow them to sign their own name to holiday Christmas cards.  Family and friends will love to see the personalized cards!

3.) Sing – Sing Christmas carols

I know in my area, there’s a radio station that plays non-stop Christmas carols for the whole month.  Even I get tired of hearing the same songs every day, but spend time singing Christmas carols with your little one!  Bonus – grab some jingle bells and form a band!

4.) READ – Read Christmas stories together

Stop by the library or bookstore and pick up some beautiful Christmas classics to share… it’s a great way to countdown to the Christmas holiday.

5.) TALK – Share your own memories

Talk with your child about special memories you have from past holidays, make sure you use great descriptive words, maybe it’s the smell of the Christmas tree, or doing something special for a neighbor, or the perfect gift you gave someone.  Let your child know what the holidays mean to you!


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