Busy, Busy, Busy

2 Dec

It was a busy holiday weekend with family and friends driving and flying from around the country and across the Atlantic.  We had a wonderful time with extended family, but it’s now back to the daily grind.  I’m working on my programs for this month including a teddy bear picnic (to promote the new Paddington Bear movie), a holiday trivia game for our middle school group who asked to play it at our holiday party, one last Fun Friday before the holidays, a sensory storytime, and a countdown to noon party at the end of the month.  I’m also taking a number of days off in the coming weeks to use up my vacation days before the end of the year.  And I’m also hoping to get some work down on weeding as well as moving some collections around – hopefully before the new year.

I’m also looking ahead to the new year, where I’ll be offering  preschool storytime (not my normal crowd), which means I’ll need to revamp my story choices and some of my other storytime activities.  We’re also offering some new programs including a Petite Picasso (art exploration) class for little ones and a Family Fort Night (which I’m so excited about!).  And those are just the newest programs we’re offering in January.  I’m hoping I can take some time to evaluate our program offering over the past year – seeing what we did well and where we might need some improvement.  I want to make some new personal and professional goals as well, possibly in regards to where this blog will go in the coming years.  It’s going to be a busy December, but I’m excited about our programming and ready to see what January brings!


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