Resource Sharing: Boston Children’s Museum

25 Nov

Although I don’t live in Boston, I was enough trend to. The amazing resources available from the Boston Children’s Museum, specifically focused on STEM programs and kindergarten readiness programs that require very few materials that can be done in the library or at home!

The “Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten!” Kit was created by the Department of Early Education and Care and the Boston Children’s Museum. There are 23 modules that create learning opportunities to increase skills needed to succeed in school including emotions, relationships, building, gross and fine motor skills. Each module gives you the steps to start, steps to continue learning as well as picture books and extension activities for home. This is a great way to provide passive programming in a small space in your library.

The STEM Sprouts part of the Boston Children’s Museum has amazing resources set up just like the Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten! kit with steps broken down to make science accessible to everyone with few materials. These would be easy ways to create 45 – 69 minute programs for early elementary school students to teach them how fun learning can be!

Take a look and explore this amazing resource – why reinvent the wheel, just make sure you give the museum some credit!


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