Home Library Booklists

21 Oct

cbcprofileCreating a home library for young children is so important to promote early literacy skills as well as to create wonderful bonding time between your child and the adults in their life.  Without going into all the research, access to books and being read aloud to (every day!) are two prominent ways to prepare young children for success in school.

My cousin is pregnant with her first baby and I’m trying (very hard) not to inundate her with research, links, blogs, and booklists.  But, I did send her this link, a blog post on the Nerdy Book Club blog about how reading can be beneficial while a baby is still in utero.  And then, I had to offer my superior skills of knowing children’s books to offer putting together a list of must-have books for the baby.

There are a number of these lists available online from parenting magazines, libraries, and blogs.  But, a high-quality home library booklist can be found at the Children’s Book Council.  This list gets updated every other year – keeping old classics on the list, while adding new updated can’t-miss books.  It’s also an amazing list because it truly tries to incorporate diversity as much as possible – making it a great go-to list for all parents.

I also like that they break the list up by age group including: ages 0 – 3, 4 – 7, 8 – 11 and 12 – 14.  And the lists aren’t so big that you’d never be able to get all the books and read them.  These are definitely a great resources for families, libraries, and even childcare facilities and schools.  I’ll be talking more in depth about the Children’s Book Council in another post, but for now, take a look at these great booklists!


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