Conference Musings

1 Oct

lancaster_logo_complete222reI’m sitting at my desk, back in the library after a very busy state conference.  There were some absolutely amazing programs this year and I’m so excited and grateful for a supervisor who is willing and excited to try some new ideas this fall/winter.  I’m going to spoil any surprises, but we are so excited about some great ideas!  Today, I got the chance to attend a program about unprogramming and passive programming, which we already do a little of, but could always do more.  This, as the presenters, pointed out, is a great way to provide a program for children who do not typically attend traditionally planned library programs.  Plus, from a planning perspective, this allows me to focus my time on other programs that do require planning time.

The other part of conferences is networking – something that I used to think I was not good at doing.  Finally, after a number of years, I’m beginning to get the hang of it!  Being a part of a state association is a great way to become involved in an association and get to know people in a more intimate way than you might though the huge national association.  Our state association also has regional chapters which is another great way to get to know other local librarians in the area.  I also think it definitely helped to be a part of the conference committee this year, which allowed me to be introduced to almost 30 people that I saw during the conference over the past 4 days.  It’s also helpful that I’m on another state-wide committee where I’ve met a number of colleagues and have gotten to see librarians friends from across the state.  I’ve learned it’s not always easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger, but more than likely these strangers are as passionate as I am about being a librarian, which makes talking to them a little easier.  I was also able to pass out a number of my personal business cards to encourage more people to visit this blog, which is another great way to get to know colleagues not only from the state, but from across the country and even around the world!  It’s so fun getting a chance to meet librarians in person, that I only knew through my blog – shout out to Jbrary!  All of these connections are added to my personal learning network and are great resources that I can go to any time I need a hand!


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