How-To Guides for Patrons

9 Sep

OverDriveMediaConsoleLogoBAfter meeting with the middle school librarians last week, I gained a few new projects that are things that definitely needed to be done and now we finally have the impetus to do them.  Our middle school students (grades 5 – 8) will be receiving Apple iPads this year for school.  I don’t want to get into too much of a debate about the issue – there are definitely both positive and negative concerns I have, but my main focus right now is to create “How to Use” guides for many of our online tools such as OverDrive, Zinio(eMagazines), and OneClickdigital (audiobooks) in order to make it easier for these students to access reading material.  In the past few days I have spent a lot of time creating these how-to guides and I’m really liking how they look.  They are very basic three panel brochures providing patrons (and staff) the information they need to get started with these resources the library provides.  I’m also creating them using the same format with different color tones, making it easy to understand and follow.  I’m not sure how current these will last as the resources continue to update, but I’m hoping that these user guides will increase the use of these resources we provide.

So many people I talk with have no idea that you can check eBooks out of the library.  Granted, we’re still trying to find our place in the eBook world with publishers, lending periods, and cost, but I believe libraries are working hard to stay relevant, and I don’t care what people say.  I think books (the format might change) will be around for along time.


One Response to “How-To Guides for Patrons”

  1. beckyginther September 9, 2014 at 2:04 pm #

    This sounds great. Can’t wait to see them when you’re done!

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