6 Sep

Let me just say, if you’re a librarian and you’ve ever worked a Saturday, you need to check out #SaturdayLibrarian on Twitter.  Librarians working on Saturdays come together to commiserate, share, and boost each other up as they spend another day hard at work at the library.  I don’t work too many Saturdays, but when I do, I’m always shocked by how busy it is.  Even today, with last week being the first week of school and a community fair and carnival happening at the park, we are still very busy – young kids are playing in our toy area, Reading Buddy pairs are meeting up to practice reading and kids are in grabbing new books to start off the school year.

It can be difficult to plan programming on Saturdays, because that means a librarian who does programming needs to be in the library or stop in for a couple hours to do the program and after working a full week that can difficult to convince someone of, but I think it’s so important for families who work during the day.  We have a pajama story time in the evening, but it’s often too late at night for the little ones (it’s a 7:00pm).  I’m thinking a family story time on Saturday is just what we need or maybe a music program, something to offer working families.  Let me think about what we could do…


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