Movement & Play

29 Jul

My mom just sent me an article written in The Washington Post about ADHD and children in school.  The article states that diagnosis for ADHD is up to 11% in 2011 from just 7.8% in 2003.  There are a number of theories about the reason for this rise in fidgeting children, but as this blog post on the Timbernook blog points out, maybe it’s not ADHD at all – maybe it has to do with being in school for longer hours without the chance to move around during limited recess time, fewer physical education classes, and a busy evening schedule that allows for less time being spent outdoors.

This made me stop and think about the programming I create for our library patrons and I’m thinking about making sure I include more movement in each program.  Some programs do not lend themselves to adding movement, but others would be very easy to include movement, using a parachute, creating an obstacle course, doing some yoga poses, simple relay races are all very simple ways to include movement into almost any program.  I’m going to try and focus a few of my Fun Friday programs on movement in the upcoming months where traditionally they have been more art exploration and science discovery (which are also very important pieces to learn).

I see the library as a place that offers programming for everyone in the community and by not offering movement in programs, you’re missing out on many of the very active kids.  Some kids love art, some love sports, some love technology and it’s our job to offer as many different opportunities as we can to help these kids grow and learn!


2 Responses to “Movement & Play”

  1. Kelly Marra July 31, 2014 at 12:00 pm #

    I agree! Getting kids moving at the library is important. I did a playground games program that the kids at my library loved:

    • literacious July 31, 2014 at 12:03 pm #

      These look like some great games… I’ll have to try them with my kiddos!

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