Story Time Faces

24 Jul

???????????????????????????????I just saw this post, “What’s Your ‘Storytime Face?’ ” on Miss Mary Liberry’s blog from last fall and had to laugh out loud, because I have seen pictures of myself doing story time and my facial expressions are ridiculous!  I always tend to have a hand up in the air, my mouth wide open, and a crazy, slightly manic expression in my eyes.  And as I looked for a photo of myself to add to this post, I don’t seem to be sitting very often either, even when I’m reading books during storytime.  In my first picture, one of my favorite read alouds Can You Make a Scary Face? by Jan Thomas and in the picture below, Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman, another favorite of mine, especially if you have a great robot voice!

What’s really funny is that my mom and grandma were out visiting my new house this week and we went on a trolley tour at Valley Forge National Park, where I was a little too exuberant when the tour guide asked the entire trolley how we were feeling.  I sometimes forget that I’m not always in storytime and needless to say, my mom thought it was hysterical and couldn’t stop laughing!



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