20 Jun

NetGalley_LogoAfter seeing fellow librarians post about NetGalley, I have finally made up my own profile and requested my first digital galley to read.  If you’re unfamiliar with NetGalley, it “provides digital review copies to professional readers, including booksellers, librarians, media, bloggers, reviewers and educators.”

This is a great way to read new books being published and decide whether or not to purchase them for your library or bookstore as well as great way to get patrons/customers excited about upcoming releases.  NetGalley offers books from a number of different publishers and authors providing a wide range of reading for those who are registered to participate in the program.

What I really enjoy is that you can register for free and all they ask is for a review of the book when you are finished (which I already do on my blog, so it should be pretty easy).  NetGalley is really trying to create a community of readers that will promote books through word of mouth to encourage more reading (and sales).  I’m excited for this new way to read, and maybe it will force me to use an e-reader or my iPad more to read electronically – I’m still old-school, I like to read a good, old-fashioned book, but this might help me to read in both formats more often!


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