Three Times Lucky Audiobook

13 Jun

Three Times Lucky coverI just got back this morning from a (very) short trip to visit my family.  My brother recently moved closer to home, my sister was in town for a wedding, and my other brother and his wife took some time off of work to visit.  We actually got the chance to sit down as an entire family and have dinner together – something that is not as easy to do anymore with our schedules.  And since I drove, I needed something to entertain me for the 10 hours I was going to be in the car, enter – Three Times Lucky.  And it worked out perfectly – I needed to be entertained (8 hours in audiobook form) and I’ve haven’t had the chance to read The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing yet and I needed a refresher of Three Times Lucky because for the life of me, I couldn’t remember what happened in the story.

The audiobook really does the story justice.  The narrator, Michal Friedman, provides the protagonist, Mo LoBeau, with a voice all her own – with the just the right amount of southern twang to make her feel authentic.  And not only Mo’s voice, but Miss Lana’s, Dale’s and the rest of the characters all have their own sound making it so easy to follow the story.  Shelia Turnage, the author of Three Times Lucky received a Newbery Honor for the book as well as an E. B. White Read-Aloud Honor, which makes it an amazing story to listen to.  If you’re looking for a great mystery story for young middle schoolers – this is it – great language, interesting characters, and a setting that comes alive.  I’m exicted to start The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing  this weekend!

Title: Three Times Lucky
Author: Shelia Turnage
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Publication Date: 2012
Narrator: Michal Friedman
Time: 8 hrs.


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