Knightley & Son

9 Jun


If you’re looking for a fast-paced mystery for a great summer read, then Knightley & Son is the book for you!  Darkus Knightley is a 13-year-old boy whose been reading his father’s top secret files in his bedroom for the past four years while his father has been in a coma from an unexplained accident.  When his father suddenly awakens from his coma with information about a conspiracy that involves masterminds ready to take over the world using a popular bestselling book,  Darkus and his father must combine their forces to stop them before it’s too late!

This is a great mystery that is action packed and fast-paced – a perfect summer read for boys (and girls!) looking for a mystery.  Darkus is a well-developed and the London backdrop adds a great international flair without adding the British spelling and vocabulary to confuse American kids.  I’d love to see more from Darkus’s step-sister Tilly – I think she can add that little bit more that will encourage girls to be more vested in the series as well.  Overall, if you’re looking for something similar to Sherlock Holmes with new characters in present day – look no further than Knightley & Son.  The story also ends with the expectation that another book in the series will be published soon.

For more information about the book, check out the Knightley & Son website and follow the author on Twitter @RohanGavin

Title: Knightley & Son
Author: Rohan Gavin
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication Date: 2014
Page Number: 313 pgs.


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