Summer Reading Prep…

19 May

Chemistryor ” How to Try and Organize My Life for the Next 3 Months”  All of our major spring programming has wrapped up, which is awesome, but after a short reprieve, I am now facing the summer reading kick-off countdown.  And I have WAY too much to do in the next month.  Summer Reading begins on June 16th and by then I need to have most of my programming plans typed up, materials purchased, story time plans done, and all the paperwork that goes into the summer reading desk updated and ready.  This morning I focused on updating the online calendar, haven’t quite gotten to the website yet, but almost every event for summer has been posted (hopefully correctly) on the event calendar.  This afternoon’s projects include updating the website as well as hopefully getting to another book discussion question set, it’s optimistic, but I’d love to get another one done.  I actually have a few days this week with absolutely no programming going on which will be key to getting some things finalized before the madness begins.

I have a love/hate relationship with summer reading, mostly because we talk and plan summer reading from November – May and summer reading lasts from June – early September, giving me only about 2 months of my year Summer Reading free.  But, I love seeing kids using the library all summer long, excited to find great books to read, asking questions and looking for suggestions and learning in that fun way that is so difficult to do in schools these days.  I love being busy, not having time to be bored, but it’s a lot of work and can be exhausting when the school  year finally begins.  It’s going to be really crazy this year because I’m headed to ALA in Las Vegas at the end of June for a whirlwind trip (3 days), only to return to a 12-hour day of parachute storytime and middle school programming.  But, I wouldn’t change it for the world, I love my job and can’t wait to see how the kids like our programs this summer!  It’s less than a month away and I need to stop blogging right now and get back to work!


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