Family Place Free Play

28 Apr

family-place-logoMy library became a Family Place Library almost  two years ago and although it’s been a very busy time – it’s been a great way to get to know a number of our patrons.  Not only do we know more families in our community, but they als0 know us and make a point of stopping at my desk to say hello before going to play or pick out books.  Through the Family Place libraries we are required to provide Family Place Parent/Child Workshops offering parents/caregivers and their children a place to come together, play with developmentally appropriate toys, and to ask questions of child development specialists.  We just started our spring session on Saturday and decided to keep all the toys out over the weekend and provide a free play period for parents/caregivers and children on Monday mornings as well.  The only difference is – we don’t bring in experts.  We offered one this morning, and although the attendance was low, the kids and their adults had a great time exploring all the new and different toys, playing with play-doh, and meeting new friends.  We’re offering this program for a few more Mondays before our summer schedule gets to be too crazy and I think it will become even more popular as parents begin to hear about it from their friends.


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