The Chaos of Stars

4 Dec

{5F3B1909-D92C-460B-8830-C499E66C4427}Img100The mortal daughter of Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis, Isadora is sent to live with her brother in San Diego after her mother’s dark dreams about her daughter’s safety.  Sixteen-year old Isadora is thrilled to be in “the real world” after living under her parents and dealing with the drama that comes from being the daughter of gods.  San Diego is a different place than Isadora could have ever imagined – her brother is married with a baby on the way, her ever present mother set her up with a job working with Ancient Egyptian artifacts in a museum, and the new guy she met is gorgeous, but mysterious too.  And not to mention, the feeling of someone always watching.  As Isadora’s nightmares continue to worsen and strange things begin to happen, Isadora must be able to accept the help of her new friends, even if that means letting go of control.

This is the perfect story of family and first love for teenage girls everywhere.  I really enjoyed the new take on the fantasy angle with Isadora’s connection to Egyptian mythology.   The big reveal was not as surprising as I had hoped, but overall I still enjoyed the book.  It was fast paced and I enjoyed the combination of Egyptian mythology and the storyline.  It was a quick read and I have a number of kids in mind to recommend it to.

For more about Kiersten White and her books, check out her website!

Title: The Chaos of Stars
Author: Kiersten White
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: 2013
Page Number: 279 pgs.


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