Pumpkin Trouble

28 Oct


It’s that time of year!  No, not Christmas (yet!), but Halloween and there are some great books out there for the holiday.  Kids around here are ready to go trick-or-treating and have been talking about costumes for awhile now.  I thought I’d post this great holiday book as it fits in with the season so well and I just carved my own pumpkin yesterday!

Duck is so excited to carve a pumpkin, but when he reaches in for just one more seed, he falls in and gets stuck… soon the other animals are worried there’s a pumpkin monster chasing them around the barnyard!

Kids will get a kick out of Duck’s need for a little help from his friends and their very BIG misunderstanding.  This is one that definitely needs to be shared before the Halloween season is over!

Jan Thomas is one of my favorite authors – she is very funny, but also understands the importance of basic books for young readers.  Her books, although not long, often have a great message (but not in a preachy way) and I am always laughing out loud!

Check out Jan Thomas’s website for more about her books and even fun things to do!
Title: Pumpkin Trouble
Author: Jan Thomas
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: 2011


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