25 Oct

ZombiekinsCover_FINAL_LO2Over the weekend I was traveling and grabbed Zombiekins by Kevin Bolger as an audiobook to listen to in the car.  It was a great choice (especially around Halloween)!  It’s definitely the perfect book to give to kids looking for something a little scary, but funny too!  And it’s definitely got the “boy” humor I’m constantly looking for.  What was great about the audiobook were the zombie sound effects that the narrator provided and the story is very funny!  I think it’s even more so with the narrator because you can listen to the names of the characters like, the teacher – Mr. Baldengrumpy and the town widow, Mrs. Imavitch.  I think kids might get the humor even more if they can hear it rather than reading it.  What you do miss when listening to the story is the illustrations by Aaron Blecha… similar in style to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and they fit perfectly with the story.

The story is about a fourth grade boy named Stanley Nudelman who buys a cuddly and very creepy-looking stuffed animal at the old Widow’s yard sale.  Before he knows it, Stanley’s new stuffed animal has taken over the school and has turned half the kids into zombies.  Can Stanley and his best friend, Miranda save their friends before it’s too late?  A perfect book for the Halloween season!  Check out the Zombiekins website… if you dare!

Title: Zombiekins
Author: Kevin Bolger
Illustrator: Aaron Blecha
Publisher: Recorded Books
Publication Date: 2010
Narrator: Johnny Heller
Time: 2 hrs., 15 mins.


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