Warning: Do Not Open This Book!

12 Sep

15945864Children’s authors and illustrators, if possible, are becoming more and more creative with new and innovative ideas to create truly interactive books for children.  Warning: Do Not Open This Book! is no different – with a seemingly innocent monkey peeking around the corner, children will not be able to help themselves from opening the book and turning the pages, even as the author (and illustrator) plead with them to stop!

I think my favorite part of the story is when the monkeys come across the page with paint and paint brushes creating their own environment where, of course, they’ll thrive!  When the monkeys are joined by toucans and later by an alligator, it is up to the reader to help to create a trap to keep all the animals exactly where they belong, in the book!

This is a picture book that kids will be sure to giggle through, all the while ignoring the advice of the author and illustrator!  Please take time to enjoy this book – it’s well worth it!

For more about the author, Adam Lehrhaupt, check out his website where you’ll find plenty of information and a great book trailer for this book!  For more artistic expression from illustrator Matthew Forsythe, see his website as well!

Title: Warning: Do Not Open This Book!
Author: Adam Lehrhaupt
Illustrator: Matthew Forsythe
Publisher: Simon & Schuster for Young Readers
Publication Date: 2013


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