The Truth of Me

26 Jul

16240743I have loved Patricia MacLachlan’s writing since I read Sarah, Plain and Tall.  I couldn’t have been very old when I read it, but I remember it so clearly.  The Truth of Me is MacLachlan’s newest book and still her voice and writing is as strong as ever.  She is able to convey so much in such slim novels.  I think everyone from adults to children can learn something from her books.

Just last summer we had a number of children asking about Skylark, the sequel to Sarah, Plain and Tall.  Now, Sarah, Plain and Tall was published in 1985 and for most kids in today’s world that is ancient history, but we had girls and even a number of boys trying to find copies of Skylark because their teacher had read them Sarah, Plain and Tall and something struck them.  I think it is so important for children to experience literature from a variety of genres because you never know what children might find inspiring, interesting, or engaging.

The Truth of Me  is about a young boy, Robert, whose musician parents both musicians are touring Europe for the summer so he sent to spend time with his grandmother.  His grandmother is very different from his parents, she is easy, relaxed, and is friends with the animals that live in the woods surrounding her home.  Through the story, Robert, learns about the “small truths” that help him to understand his distant parents, his loving grandmother, and ultimately himself.

Title: The Truth About Me
Author: Patricia MacLachlan
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication Date: 2013
Page Number: 114 pgs.


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