The Moon and More

28 Jun

TheMoonAndMore_082312_1I have turned so many teens on to Sarah Dessen’s books.  Her characters, the dialog, the situations they are placed in all ring true to the teenagers that stop into the library.  She’s my go-to author for “chick-lit” books that also deal with heavier topics that teens deal with everyday.  My favorite Dessen book has to be The Truth About Forever and it was so fun to read The Moon and More and see just a brief connection to my favorite book.  If you’re at all familiar with The Truth About Forever and you get a chance to read The Moon and More you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Emaline is headed off to college in the fall, but during the summer is helping her family with their realty business in the small beach community of Colby where she plans on hanging out with friends and her long-time boyfriend and have a fun, but typical summer.  All that changes when she and her boyfriend break-up unexpectedly, her father comes back into her life, and she gets involved with a documentary filmmaker in a summer romance.

As usual, Dessen’s characters are extremely realistic and the situations Emaline finds herself in are situations that teens can relate to.  Emaline is leaving home to go to college, is dealing with her parents, and trying to figure out who she is – all things that resonate deeply with teens.  My mom and I also say “I love you to the moon,” which made a connection for me with this book.  This wasn’t my favorite Dessen book, I felt it was a little too long, but teens that love her work are sure to enjoy this novel as well!

For more information abut Sarah Dessen and all the books she has written, check out her website!

Title: The Moon and More
Author: Sarah Dessen
Publisher: Viking
Publication Date: 2013
Page Number: 435 pgs.


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