Night Light

27 Jun

51PIdY4BiEL__SX300_What do you get when you combine a guessing game, a counting book, and all modes of transportation?  Night Light by Nicholas Blechman!  Night Light combines counting with cut-out pages and almost any mode of transportation a preschooler could think up.  With a background in graphic design, Blechman “shines” in this new book that will definitely be a crowd pleaser among the toddler and preschool male population.  The book works exactly like a picture book should, in that the page turns make all the difference, creating a guessing game that is fun to play (while learning is happening too!)

I’m definitely adding this book to my story time list and can’t wait to share the story with the kids.  If your little one talks of little else but, car, truck, trains, and planes, then you’ll definitely need to pick this one up at your local library!

To find out more about author/illustrator, Nicholas Blechman, check out his website!

Title: Night Light
Author: Nicholas Blechman
Publisher: Orchard Books
Publication Date: 2013


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