24 Jun

16000384Windblown written by Édouard Manceau and translated from French by Sarah Quinn is reminiscent of Press Here by Hervé Tullet, with a basic concept that requires a child to only use their imagination!  Small scraps of paper are blown together by the wind and transform into animals with each one claiming that the scraps are for them.  It’s not until the wind butts in with his own version of the story asking the reader “What will you do?”

This is a great interactive story that could also become an art exploration time for little ones if the pieces of paper were to be cut up for the children to use to create their own animals or other shapes.  Beside the scraps of paper being used to create the animals in the illustrations, simple lines were used to expand the image making this, again, an easy project for young children to do on their own as well!

This is definitely a book that should be checked out, from the library or at a bookstore.  I’m thinking about using it in story time and giving the children a baggie filled with the 7 scraps of paper that they could take home as an activity.  Owl Press offers an activity page that has the paper scraps that you can cut out that are shaped just like the ones in the book!

Title: Windblown
Author: Édouard Manceau
Publisher: Owl Kids
Publication Date: 2013


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